Erythroniums in Cultivation

A photographic exhibition by Ian Young

Sponsored by the Scottish Rock Garden Club

This photography exhibition in the magnificent Douglas pavilion features images of the spring flowering bulbs of the genus Erythronium. These fascinating plants come from Europe, Asia and North America and feature decorative markings on their flowers and leaves.

Ian Young, an artist, photographer and plantsman, has grown and studied Erythroniums for over forty years and has used all his skills to record these fascinating plants in a series of stunning photographs.

Nothing has escaped his attention from the smallest detail to mass plantings of their colourful attractive pagoda shaped flowers growing in his Scottish garden.

Ian has written a weekly garden diary, The Bulb Log, since 2003 and has also written an e-book, Erythroniums In Cultivation. Both publications are available for free download through the Scottish Rock Garden Club’s website:

The exhibition will be displayed all Summer and is free with Explorers entry.

The exhibition runs from 1st April to 31st October. Entrance is free with Explorers entry.

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