Flowers and plants that the Scottish Plant Hunters brought from all around the world can be seen throughout the year at Explorers Garden. Our collection of blue poppies (Meconopsis) was recently awarded National Collection Status!

Some of the flowers you will see at Explorers Garden throughout the year are:

APRIL Erythroniums (Dog Tooth Violets), Primula denticulata, Rhododendrons, Dicentra spectablis

MAY Primula alpicola, Rhododendrons, Meconopsis (towards the end of the May)

JUNE Meconopsis, Primulas, Rhododendrons, Lilies

JULY Meconopsis, Primulas, Rhododendron’s, Lilies, Cardiocrinum gigantium (giant lilies)

AUGUST Primulas, Anemone japonica

SEPTEMBER Anemone japonica

OCTOBER Autumn Colour

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